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We have a single purpose at NAASCA, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives:

1) educating the public, especially as related to getting society over it's taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting facts showing child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

2) offering hope and healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery
Fighting For Kids,
Serving Adult Survivors

#metooCSA -- Childhood Sexual Abuse -- Let's see if we can't get this new hashtag to trend,
to build on the popular '#metoo' movement that unfortunately leaves out those abused in their youth.
Childhood sexual assaults and abuses are devastating, and the trauma is often life-long! Pass it on!!

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Building a survivor community. Together we can do what we can not do alone.
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If you wish to volunteer with us, please get in touch with Terri Lanahan of Butte, Montana: - 406 / 299-0253. She coordinates all our volunteers and can point a new volunteer in the right direction. Believe me, with all there is to do Terri will find something for each of you, and we believe all of us can play a role in educating the public, and offering services for healing to still-suffering adult survivors of childhood traumas !!

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1. News related to issues of child abuse and trauma
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4. Protecting and supporting at-risk and abused children
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5. More info about how NAASCA works and how it started
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A few of your commments:

There is no limitation on the murder of the body. So why should there be limitation on the murder of the soul?

Thank you so much for creating this forum/site, Bill Murray! I have led a lifetime of shame and sorrow with this secret from my childhood haunting me with every step. I never thought that there would be a time to shout out about the horrors of child sexual and physical abuse, but your kindness and compassion has provided this for all who have carried around the millstone of pain within our hearts and souls. As children, we never had a voice. Now we do, and we need to shout out about this criminal epidemic in society. This should never be a silent crime, but it still is. Let's protect those who can't be heard from a lifetime of pain and shame.

JR:  This really is a new level of advocacy for me, breaking the silence on verbal and emotional abuse in families. I want to thank you again for ALL you do on behalf of survivors everywhere.?

FL:  This email is a long time coming. I wanted to reach out to let you know that your web site may have saved my life.

I am an adult survivor of child abuse (the party pack of abuse). While some of the abuse was obvious, other forms of it such as the environment in which I was living and the people around me were not. I started to have more pronounced symptoms of trauma in the past few years and these continued to worsen. The thing was I had no idea what was wrong with me (I was in my 40s).

Long story short I had an issue with long-time friend a couple of years ago and started to write things to her that I had no intention of sharing. The letter didn't even sound like me. I deleted the letter but was freaked out. Something about the behavior was familiar and I started to think it may be related to trauma. When I GOOGLED for information (and I had no idea what I was searching for exactly) an article from your web site from back in 2011 came up PTSD in adult survivors of child abuse. I read it and was in shock. Then I read it again 3 more times and spent the next few days walking around in a daze. It sounded, in part, like the article was describing aspects of me. And still, I thought I am sure I don't have PTSD just some residual effects of abuse? 

I read other articles on your web site about dysfunctional families and a host of other information. I spent weeks trying to talk myself out of whether it was abuse or whether it wasn't. The PTSD article, I believe, noted something about people not recognizing abuse in some cases questioning things. It was right on point.

It was by chance that I made it to your web site and that article. It took me a few more months, but I finally got up the courage to see a trauma counselor rather than a more general therapist and this is because the article noted strongly that specific kinds of child abuse are considered to be trauma and that the trauma can and should be treated. I still wasn't sure if I needed a trauma counselor but I went anyway and OH MY GOSH what an eye opening experience. I guess when one has been suffering from trauma since childhood and the symptoms become part of who you are it's difficult to understand that this is not who you were meant to be and that you can be treated, heal and move forward.

Sorry to make this so long but your web site has made a profound difference in my life. I am probably not the only one for whom it has had a positive, life changing impact but I wanted to thank you for posting the information and starting the site. I was really suffering before I found the web site and while the healing process has been painful (like going through a fire as my therapist likes to say) I know that there is hope and light now and ultimately peace.

Be aware .. be a voice .. be a hero ..
Join the NAASCA survivor / activist community in our fight against child abuse.

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