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The primary mission at NAASCA is to reduce the incidence of child abuse for today's at-risk kids, & to offer recovery to those many millions of adults who still suffer from the pain & consequences of the abuses they experienced in their youth.

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Evil does not spring, like a tiger on its pray,
It bides its time, searching for opportunity,
Seeking out what it may as it may,
It grows, silent and unseen, preparing,
Men of weak will and shortened foresight,
Will seek to find accommodation with it,
Will try to soften it, to live in peace with it,
But there can never be peace with evil,
By its nature, it demands more and more,
Finally, it demands all, nature, conscience, soul,
It is a chameleon, changing its face, its voice,
Altering its very form and shape to gain what it wants,
And when, at last, it reveals itself, it is always the same,
Cruel, violent, vindictive, controlling, and destructive,
It is the malevolent, incarnate, odious face of the devil,
Trifle with it, and you risk to trifle yourself away for eternity. C.W.F. Keane

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Special topic: "For Our Kids" - the Rights of Children and Families in North America

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Special topic: "For Our Kids" - the Rights of Children and Families in North America
Special topic night: Child Abuse, Trauma & 12-Step Recovery --
Special topics: Q & A call-in show with Dr. Debra Warner, LA, Forensic Psychologist
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