National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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EDITOR's NOTE: NAASCA needs your participation - Help us help you !! - The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse is growing quickly, both in terms of the International community we're reaching and in terms of the many unique tools and service we offer. Several new projects have been launched recently, including the re-awakening of our monthly Newsletter, the new mobile-friendly version of our web site (, great for smart phone searches, and our newly launched organizational project, the Ambassador tool. We need help with all of these .. and we've plans for much more, too.
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June 1, 2018

Dearest friend:

The time has come for us to ask for your help. NAASCA needs volunteers (and donations) to achieve the plans we have for the coming year. We're self-supporting through our own contributions, depending on a group of dedicated volunteers who participate by doing the actual work, and on voluntary contributions from our NAASCA family members. We've no dues or fees. We have no 'funding' and are not supported by any outside groups.

If you wish to volunteer with us, please get in touch with Terri Lanahan of Butte, Montana: - 406 / 782-5235. She coordinates all our volunteers and can point a new volunteer in the right direction. Believe me, with all there is to do Terri will find something for each of you, and we believe all of us can play a role in educating the public, and offering services for healing to still-suffering adult survivors of childhood traumas !!

We'll never do less than we're already doing, but some desired future projects, NAASCA printed materials and video presentations for example, cost more than I'm willing to ask any individual member to support. The organization's treasury, such as it is, will handle this.

To be clear, here's a short list of things NAASCA doesn't do:

Lend money

Find jobs

Arrange housing

Give legal advice / assistance

Do professional counseling

We're quite proud of how much has been achieved already. About 30 FREE programs and services are now offered by the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA). They're available to the global community that fights against child abuse and trauma.

Membership at NAASCA is simply a matter of self-declaring one's volunteer participation and agreement with our important cause. We describe ourselves as a grassroots "NAASCA family."

We're all non-paid volunteers, and the core group of those who keep this effort going are extremely dedicated to the commitment they've made to the NAASCA family and experience. While we're all responsible to some degree for OUTREACH (spreading our web site and effort) and helping to FUNDRAISE (encouraging financial contributions to support our efforts), we have some specific volunteer opportunities I'd like to highlight:

Needed Job description Time required
Web site management daily updates for and an hour or two each morning
Regional directors / ambassadors be the official NAASCA representative in your area ongoing - need to be available as contact
Talk show coordinator keep in touch with potential and returning guests ongoing - work closely with CEO / host
Video / editing tech crew help create NAASCA videos with CEO Bill Murray unknown, must be in Los Angeles area
Social media monitors, moderators respond to posts and keep NAASCA message clear daily - we have numerous groups, many members
Twitter account manager presenting NAASCA topics / articles on Twitter periodic and in coordination with CEO
Instagram account manager presenting NAASCA topics / articles on Instagram periodic and in coordination with CEO
Writers / bloggers create content in NAASCA's name for publication varies - will coordinate with CEO
Book review person write reviews on books written by NAASCA family varies - as needed / requested
Media contacts create relationships with media people varies - will coordinate with CEO
Fund raisers / donors hold fund raising events or seek donors / support as needed - no one's doing this now
Speakers for events represent NAASCA as a presenter on various topics as needed, for members of the NAASCA family only
NAASCA contacts be on web site with email, phone number ongoing, must be well versed in NAASCA's mission
Executive assistant work closely with CEO / Board on anything they need ongoing - good common organizational skills

Write to Terri Lanahan here if you'd like to be a NAASCA volunteer.

Please let us know:

1) your particular area(s) of interests,

2) of your special skills set that you might offer,

3) and about your schedule .. how busy you are and how much time you might be able to set aside for NAASCA.

4) NOTE: please be sure to include your phone number

If you want to volunteer just write to: Terri Lanahan - with the info requested above, including your phone number.

As I mentioned, we receive no financial support of funding. These projects are all the result of hard working volunteers and paid for out of their own pockets. 

Again .. a description of many of these programs / services may be found listed on the HIGHLIGHTS page on the NAASCA web site:

Many of us speak out during appearances as "special guests" on our Internet-based, six-night-a-week "Stop Child Abuse Now" talk radio show (all but Saturday nights, always at 8pm EST). Others participate by calling in .. sharing .. or by using our always present chat room.

Have you listened? Have you appeared? We need to break the silence. I hope you'll decide you want to be a part of this, and if so ..

Welcome to the NAASCA family !

Yours in service,

Bill & Terri

Adult Survivor web site:

Talk Show home page:


PS: We're now incorporated as an official 501(c)3, a charity, in the state of Florida (mailing address in Los Angeles). We're still self-supporting through our own contributions (we have no outside funding to date) and your tax deductible donation is most appreciated !!

We're self-supporting - please donate !


EARLY HISTORY - pre 2011

NAASCA and its "sister site" (LA Community Policing, which deals with issues of public safety) are grassroots non-profit efforts. Over time we'd inadvertently allowed LACP, which was briefly a 501(c)3 charity, to slip into "inactive" status at the CA Secretary of State.

We wrote asking for instructions on what we'd have to do to put us back in good stead (and sent the required / requested fee). But we never heard anything.

We felt it was probable that what we'll need to do is send in some "blank" tax returns (or at least form with a bunch of zeroes as to income / donations) since we'd not asked for or accepted any contributions for six or seven years.

We continued our daily work, by this time in its 10th year, and continued to run the non profit out-of-pocket .. my pocket, mostly.

We were eager to do even more great work ay LA Community Policing (the web site is updated daily and now has some 6000 pages of articles, resources and information).

Under the same conditions we launched the new National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA), where the purpose was to educate and engage people about all the issues of child abuse and trauma .. prevention, intervention and recovery.

Originally strictly an LACP project, our "Community Matters" Internet based talk radio show had already done over 150 episodes. Now we began additional week night episodes under the "Stop Child Abuse Now" (SCAN) name, where child abuse issues are always the topics. We also produced few video blogs or YouTube tapes.

We never did get back on "active" non profit status, so our original tax ID number no longer allowed community members like you to make tax deduct able donations .. but we knew the time would come where we'd ask for your support.

In the meantime we continue to do our work as best we can on our own dime, happily engaged in serving the public, knowing that many folks use our web sites, hear our shows, and take advantage of the information we provide.

And that, quite simply, is satisfying ..

Yours in service,

Bill Murray
LACP / NAASCA founder

programs / projects
together we can heal
help stop child abuse
a little about us
join us, get involved