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Dr Anna Baranowsky
TraumaLine 1

Matching trauma survivors with mental health professionals

by Bill Murray

May 1, 2012

We get a lot of inquiries about recovery from PTSD and other ongoing symptoms of childhood abuse at NAASCA, and are happy to be able to recommend a new service dedicated to putting trauma survivors and mental health professionals together in Canada and the United States.

For those seeking help, there's no cost to use the service ..

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych. of the Traumatology Institute in Toronto, Ontario, says, "We recently launched, our Professional Trauma Directory. It is a very exciting project and one that we hope will make a big contribution to both clinicians and those seeking care."

She continues, "In order for to truly make a difference for trauma survivors across North America it needs to be a comprehensive listing and a "go to" directory for post-trauma care professionals."

The goal is to educate and provide a platform for both service providers and seekers to find each other.

Dr. Baranowsky is soon to publish her new book "What is PTSD? 3 Steps for Healing Trauma" which is certain to be a good resource for the child abuse survivor community.

We hope she'll appear as a special guest on one of our upcoming "Stop Child Abuse Now" talk shows!

As soon as we've got her scheduled, we'll let you know !

What is TraumaLine1?

TraumaLine1 is an online matching service, connecting skilled and dedicated trauma counselors and consultants to those needing care in the aftermath of trauma.

TraumaLine1 was developed by an independent team of consultants directed by Dr. Baranowsky. The TraumaLine1 platform is a showcase for trauma professionals and those trauma impacted individuals, organizations and family, friends and colleagues of trauma survivors looking for post-trauma recovery services.

Why do we need TraumaLine1?

Searching for a therapist was never an easy task. In the past, the process of finding a therapist was overwhelming and often embarrassing. Asking your family doctor for a referral didn't guarantee a good match, and talking to friends and colleagues for recommendations just wasn't something everyone was comfortable with.

With the use of the internet, you can search for information about therapy and local counselors, while still maintaining your privacy. However, when searching for therapists who specialize in trauma counselling, even now, the options are limited.

This is where TraumaLine1 comes in. This service is dedicated to matching trauma survivors with mental health professionals who are trained trauma counsellors. These skilled trauma professionals can provide timely and informed care and counseling to trauma survivors, and to those who have been secondarily impacted (struggling with compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma) by their relationships with trauma survivors.

What can TraumaLine1 do for you?

Searching on TraumaLine1 is simple.  If you need care for PTSD or other post-trauma related difficulty you can search for a counsellor based on location, treatment modalities, therapist specialty, gender, or languages spoken. Once the search is complete, you have the opportunity to review the therapist's training, education, license, years in practice, affiliations, and trauma therapy skills.

Trauma can occur at any time and any place. Mental Health Counseling and care for trauma survivors requires special training and an understanding of the impact of trauma on survivors, their families and their communities. Getting the right help can lead to progress in trauma recovery and a timely response can make the difference between years of unnecessary suffering and a reasonable and healthy recovery process. Finding you a skilled trauma professional is our goal, as we strive to provide a centralized database that showcases those professionals specializing in trauma recovery.

Providing the care you need, when and where you need it, for recovery and growth after Trauma!

What is TraumaLine1 and why do we need it?

Post-Trauma Responses including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may occur after exposure to a very stressful event. Events that tend to lead to PTSD and other related stress disorders tend to include those typified by serious injury, illness, or threat of death personally or to those who you know or have contact with. A traumatic event is generally something that is terribly frightening that leaves you feeling hopeless, helpless and out-of-control of the unfolding events.

In the course of one's lifetime approximately 60% of men and 50% of women directly experience at least one significant traumatic event. Women are more at risk of exposure to childhood sexual abuse or a sexual assault later in life; while men are more inclined to experience physical violence, war combat, natural disaster, accident or to witness another's serious injury or death.

The good news is that although exposure to trauma is fairly common only 7-8% of the general population is diagnosed with PTSD over the course of their life-time. Women tend to be more vulnerable to the development of PTSD (approximately 10%) while only 5% of men exposed to trauma will develop PTSD. In the U.S. approximately 5.2 million adults will meet the diagnostic criterion for PTSD in any given year. This number represents only a small percentage of individuals who have experienced a trauma over the course of the same year. So although diagnosis of PTSD is relatively small compared to exposure those suffering from the aftermath of trauma but still managing to cope is quite a large number and requires care in order to lead to an optimal outcome for the individual.

Currently there are numerous professional and public websites that focus on information for trauma survivors, databases for specific professions (psychologists, social workers, etc.), trauma specific information sites for professionals specializing in trauma and trauma networks.  However, there are no self-generating international profile based trauma websites that match providers with care-seekers.

With thousands of people searching the internet daily for terms like Post-Traumatic Stress; anxiety; depression; counseling; and therapy we know that making these matches can make the difference between trauma and recovery. Our goal is to help trauma survivors in their journey to recovery and we believe that getting the right help in a timely manner is the first step. It is not always easy to find skilled trauma counselors and other services providers who can help.  This is why TraumaLine1 was built to help match those needing trauma care with trained professionals who have the right skills to and are ready to help right now.

Are you seeking professional Trauma Counselling services?

If you have experienced a trauma and don't know where to go for help TraumaLine1 has the professionals to help you.
  • Simply visit our home page, select Service Seekers and type in your specific requirements.
  • Search methods by location include: Postal Code/Zip Code, City, Province/State or Country.  
  • Or use our advanced search criteria by: Professional Title; Specialty; Therapist Gender; & Languages Spoken
  • You will be able to search safely and anonymously to start, by sending your potential service provider an e-mail through our secure e-mail service.
  • Providers will be able to contact you through our secure e-mail service maintaining confidential postings until you are certain of your choice.

Service Seekers :

Service seekers include survivors of wars, natural disasters, serious illness, injury, accidents, acts of terrorism, violence and abuse.

Trauma is not limited to age, social class, country, culture or time.

Trauma happens at any place and any time. In fact, the majority of adults have experienced trauma either directly or through secondary exposure to another's first hand trauma. Care-providers - whether professional, volunteer or among family and friends - can also become secondarily traumatized or overwhelmed as a result of their caring efforts.

Cost :

Service Seekers search for free. There is no cost to search for a trauma therapy specialist in your area. We are providing a platform to help you get the right care, right now.

About Dr. Baranowsky

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych, is the CEO of the Traumatology Institute (Canada) and is a psychologist who works with trauma survivors in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Baranowsky's guiding principle has been the development of service to meet the needs of trauma survivors, their families, friends and organizations, and professionals seeking personal care and training to advance their knowledge in the field.

Dr. Baranowsky received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa. She is a Green Cross Scholar, Registered Traumatologist and Trainer. She serves on the board of directors of the Academy of Traumatology and is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is recognized by The National Center for Crisis Management. Her accomplishments include the co-development of the Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) for Compassion Fatigue and the Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum; International presentations on the ARP, trauma assessment, treatment and interventions. She has published in the area of secondary traumatization, compassion fatigue, the ARP and therapeutic relationships (the Silencing Response).

She is also the author of the best seller Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization & Recovery (2010, 2nd Ed., Baranowsky, Gentry and Schultz). She recently released Recovery Now TRAUMA , her new Audio CD and downloadable MP3 series which includes self-help audio materials on Trauma.

In addition, Dr. Baranowsky has developed a unique set of products for both trauma survivors as well as trauma professionals.

She has created an internationally recognized series of training programs leading to designations in Compassion Fatigue; Early Intervention Field Trauma; Clinical Traumatology; and Community & Workplace Traumatology. More information about these courses can be found at or

Dr. Baranowsky works with individuals, couples, small businesses and organizations to alleviate emotional distress, reduce blocks to one's potential and enhance feelings of wellness.


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